FREE 40-day Hallow Subscription for St. Paul Parish

St. Paul Parish has partnered with Hallow this Season to provide every parishioner FREE access to all of Hallow’s prayer content – including the Lent #Pray40 Challenge.

Hallow is the #1 Catholic app worldwide and includes over 5,000 audio-guided
sessions designed to help you grow closer to God and develop a daily habit of prayer.
Hallow includes prayers for kids and families, resources for mental health, meditations
for sleep, seasonal music, multiple languages (including Spanish, Portuguese, and
Polish!) daily trivia, podcast-style courses to learn more about faith, and more! Register
today by selecting our parish here:

Step 1: Sign up at

Step 2: Enter St. Paul Parish Fort McMurray as your church

Step 3: Create an account

Step 4: Enjoy the app in your pc or mobile device

Step 5: Pray every day and grow in prayer!

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